Experimenting with other ways to replace ink was the start of this new approach.
Using needle & thread lead to a series of embroideries with a special edge.

This exhibition shows one of these series, which were weekly published.
They have been created with love, affection and full devotion.

Bad air day Thread on canvas, 2009


An apple a day keeps the doctor... Thread on canvas, 2010

Oh my deer Thread on canvas, 2009

Standing still Thread on canvas, 2009

Mixed feeling Thread on canvas, 2009

Polymer planet Thread on canvas, 2008

Pickeld air Thread on canvas, 2008

Red herring Thread on canvas, 2008


Symmetrical day Thread on canvas, 2008

Kiekeboe #2 Thread on canvas, 2007

Kiekeboe #1 Thread on canvas, 2008