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    Dear Hagar, I wish you a very happy birthday…congratulations!!
    Hope you will have a nice day..with beautiful drawings from you children ;)
    Or other surprises :-)

    And have a nice weekend too!!

    Hugs xxx Ingrid

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    Hope you’ve had a wonderful day. One of my friends turned 25 (how young is that, pff) and we spend the afternoon decorating cupcakes. It was a lovely day – your birth-day!

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    happy happy birthday!
    hieperdepiep HOERA!!!!

    en je roodborstjes is geborduurd en morgen klaar, olé!

    waar stuur ik deze naar toe?
    en o wat had ik gehoopt dat ik het klaar had gehad voor je verjaardag…..


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    all in Dutch….
    but, do you understand?!
    it is finished, no, but tomorrow it will!

    so where do I send it to?
    the address I find in that fine Amsterdam-book?


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    Dear Hagar,
    hope you are still happy after your birthday?

    may I invite you to the next week’s drawing/art challenge?
    The theme is: ‘Development’…


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