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liebster blog award

So happy to received the “liebster award” from the lovley Maartje from dutchdelights! Thanks Maartje!! Now it’s my turn to pass the award to five other bloggers, so here it goes: 1. Patrice A 2. Julia da franca 3. Mano’s welt 4. The art cake 5. Stroke of the brush Enjoy and pass the award to five other bloggers….:-)  

Drawing challenge: another roadside attraction

Another roadside attraction – this week topic was inspired by the book of Tom Robbins, by the same name. My tiny people are traveling in one of my favorite image-book “ontdek de veliuwe”, full of beautiful landscape pictures of Holland. Exploring roadside, empty places, they are the attraction itself. This week challenge hosted by the very creative Demie.

drawing challenge: teatime

< Although I drink my coffee or tea in a simple cup, I love beautiful, vintage tea cups. My collection is a mix of different sizes and colors. My last find is a children tea-set from Belgium, made is a factory that closed down many years ago. Writing this, I realized that I do use my cups, not for drinking but as tea-candle holders…;-) This week challenge is hosted by the lovely Ariane.