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Many Thanks

Wonderful and very busy weeks behind me… since I’ve launched my new work. Thank you SO much dear Daniella from the amazing ‘the Jealous Curator”  for featuring my work and for featuring me again (twice in one day…:-) in  her great guest blog at Style by Emily Henderson. Thanks to Troy from Mammoth and Company ! From last week my art is also for sale in this one of a kind art shop. Don’t miss Troy’s portfolio and his quite amazing biography. So, a day of many thanks! my favorite days….:-)  


My new work

My new work series is finished. Well, the first stage any way…..For the last few months I’ve been working on new works.  I took a big step for my self and worked with bigger formats than I usually do, combined with paper collages (old love of mine). I enjoy every second of experimenting and trying new things. The collages are hand-made, cut from vintage books. Gives me a good excuse to nibble in second-hand book shops…:-)

Drawing challenge: another roadside attraction

Another roadside attraction – this week topic was inspired by the book of Tom Robbins, by the same name. My tiny people are traveling in one of my favorite image-book “ontdek de veliuwe”, full of beautiful landscape pictures of Holland. Exploring roadside, empty places, they are the attraction itself. This week challenge hosted by the very creative Demie.

A man in a matchbox, a cockroach and Annie M.G. Schmidt

Try to imagine this: Evening time, calm and quiet, soft light and you and your beloved partner sitting together and sewing a cockroach costume …yes yes the beauty of parenting…:-) Last Friday my daughter’s class celebrated the end of Annie M.G. Schmidt theme (the most loved and wonderful children’s writer in Holland).The kids could dress up to one of the characters in her books. Of course, Romi chose the most challenging character “Zaza” the cute cockroach…. Why choose otherwise?… 😉 So we cut, sewed and ironed the cutest cockroach costume we could come up with and what a great success it was…:-) And another project – one that I had initiated myself (just couldn’t resist) was making of “Wiplala” – (Wiplala is a tiny little man who can do magic) Romi drew him, and together we made his matchbox bed. It took me back to one of my favorite books as a child “The little man” by Erich Kastner…So many nights I use to dream about him… Try to imagine this: Evening time, calm and …