Raak Amsterdam 2012

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Blog7 Raak Amsterdam 2012

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Yesterday evening I went to a fashion show of “Raak Amsterdam” in the westergasfabriek in Amsterdam with (and thanks to) my dear friend Godelinde.

And what a great time we had! lovely space, beautiful people all around and more beautiful people around. Nice music, cloth, colors- a real treat for a girly night out.

Although it’s not my style, I enjoyed it very much. Sorry for very poor photos. I discovered that its very difficult to take a decent photo when the subject of the photo keeps moving…;-)

* You will have no problem to recognize the photos that I’ve taken, the good ones are from here and here.

Collar me pretty

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ASOS Leather Peter Pan Collar 2 Collar me pretty

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IMG 68661 Collar me pretty

I have a soft spot for collars, you can tell by this and that. Only recently I discovered that this collar has a wonderful name: Peter pan.

Trough the following links you can find very nice tutorials how to make one yourself. : )

From the top: faux fur collar, ASOS Leather Peter Pan Collar, Jolie Môme Peter Pan Collar, Collar gif, Vintage collar, Peter pan, Giant polka dot, Peter Pan collar tutorial,Vintage-collar-quick-fix