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DSCN3241 Celebration

Frankie Celebration

DSCN3233 Celebration

DSCN3307 Celebration

DSCN3332 Celebration

DSCN3346 Celebration

DSCN3214 Celebration

P1210513 e1381571869228 Celebration

Week(s) of happy celebrations. I celebrated my birthday on Monday with lots of love, family, good friends, laughter and sun…:-)
Later on the day we took a long walk at one of our favorite places outside of Amsterdam. There we saw a huge group of Swans floating on the water. Never saw it before. It was a pure magic.
Thank you FRANKIE Magazine for publishing my work on the next day- great timing..;-)


  1. my dear hagar,

    happyhappyhappy birthday and congratulations to everything!!
    i was jealous about the blog meeting in amsterdam;)
    just because i would love to meet you;)
    and the best thing, i saw a huge group of swans, floating on the baltic sea, on MONDAY! i am always happy to see that your work is well mentioned!!
    love + big hug, julia

  2. Dear Julia,
    Thank you so much dear!
    Can it be that we saw the same group of swans? may be we did…It was magical…
    and thanks you- wish you were there- it would have made it perfect!

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