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    I do love old photos, the feeling of them is so mysterious and kind of soft and honest, and wow your colors and lines!! Sewing is a powerful medium!

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    hagar, your intriguing little pieces of quirks ALWAYS make me smile! i find cotton thread on images just so amusing, in a comforting way. can’t explain…

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    Hagar that is so great to see the back. I like the marks around their heads because that it what a good conversation feels like.

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    good morning, hagar.

    i would like to invite you to the drawing challenge on the weekend of april 14-15th, would very much like you to join.
    come and have a peek at this.
    in the meantime,
    and happy sunday!

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    dear hagar, only now I found your beautiful post. now I smile! I love old pictures and your stitching (the back side too!).
    wish you a great workshop! mano


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