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Good things come in pairs

P1160215 Good things come in pairs

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lunablink00041 Good things come in pairs

DSC06521 Good things come in pairs

Good things come in pairs… here are some of my favorite pairs (I think part two will come soon..)

From the top: salt and pepper, amazing plush pair by Cat Rabbit, adorable sisters in a sailor outfits, my luna’s twins, Romi (on the left)with her friend, summer vaction 2009


  1. Thank you for your kind comment on my new blog design, I needed something less gloomy and more summerstyle. And as you can see, our hapiness (my two boys staring at the cows) comes in a pairs too! Have a nice monday.

  2. Oh, i had such a laugh when i saw those two plush with glasses!! ;)
    They are humorous and strange.
    And yours are beautiful…i saw some more on your website..they are great!

    Nice post!

  3. Jessica- Thanks…:-)

    Paulien – Off course you welcome, indeed the new design is much better.
    You have a beautiful pair!…:-)

    Ingrid- Thank you!.I also find this plush funny and wired…

    Simone- Thanks ans thanks…;-)

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