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Many thanks and a new work

Thank all so much for the warm wishes..:-)

I’m sorry for my late reaction- I had a huge problem on my computer (very very very annoying) but its fixed and done.

Ingrid and Patrice- sorry I could react sooner. Please check your mails..

I had the most wonderful birthday- two days of celebrations- two cakes, two parties, lots of love and happiness…:-)

And another new work I’m working on…


  1. Dear Hagar, lovely to see that you had a great birthday with sun and sweet bakings 😉
    Your new work is great!! I like the way you pointed out the shapes the girls are making in embroidered triangles..just beside that shape!
    The triangles are stitched beautiful…and great view of the stitches :)
    Is it on canvas?

    xx Ingrid

  2. wishing you a happy (belated!!) birthday.
    i find your triangles to be intriguing, and compositionally sound…

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