My new book is published!

027 My new book is published!

059 My new book is published!

036 My new book is published!

035 My new book is published!

062 My new book is published!

067 My new book is published!

063 2 My new book is published!

034 2 My new book is published!

2013 03 041 My new book is published!

A few months ago I received a very exciting mail send by the lovely Séverine Gallardo from Edition Marguerite Waknine, a french publishing house specialized in contemporary art.

They were interested in publishing a book about my art work. I can’t say enough how happy and honored I feel. It was a very interesting process of collecting and choosing the suitable work. After all these weeks of preparations, here it is:

A beautiful new handsome book!

You can check their site for more details and look around to see their other exciting books!


  1. says

    my, my, hagar, that looks so appetizing, if that at all is the right word; probably not.
    you must be proud. every right!
    and well done.

  2. says

    my dear friend,
    i am so proud and happy, again.
    a wonderful book, so great that they found you!!
    can i buy one from you, or only from the edition?
    love+hugs julia

  3. says

    this is SOOO wonderful!!
    where can I find the book?
    and how come you were so quiet about it? sharing this piece of news immediately!
    Mazal Tov and BeSha’a Tova!! and good luck!

  4. says

    Dear Hagar,
    Wonderful!!! Ik vind het allemachtigprachtig – I would buy it right away if my salary would be on time and give all my friends your book as a present if my salary was a bit bigger.
    But – I will buy one soon ;)
    Love Paulien

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