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Today is the “Towel day”

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As a huge fan of Douglas Adams I’m dedicating this post to him. Today is the “Towel Day”, celebrated every 25th of May as a tribute by fans to the amazing late author.

He is a true inspiration to me, and his books are loyal friends that accompany me in sad times and happy times. His books open a door to his genius sense of humor, crazy ideas and the wonderful view on the world.

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Every reading reveals new details and brings smiles. This weird and crazy world of imagination is one of the ultimate sources of inspiration.

How can I end a post about Adams without quoting one of his many best advices for life: DON’T PANIC!

and: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!

13811 15736496 l e1306311477900 Today is the Towel day all beautiful fished are from Flora Douville


  1. Oh Hagar, i love these fish!! They are also humurous..just gorgeous!
    I have to take more time about Douglas Adams to read about him..i don’t know him so…

  2. ..Ingrid- Adams is one of the best cures I know…:-)

    …Paulien- thank you so much!!! make me so happy to read your lovely comments..

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