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Treasure hunt!

DSCN4051 Treasure hunt!

DSCN4047 Treasure hunt!

DSCN4054 Treasure hunt!

DSCN4058 Treasure hunt!

DSCN4045 Treasure hunt!

DSCN4050 Treasure hunt!

DSCN4049 Treasure hunt!

DSCN4044 e1383992509574 Treasure hunt!

DSCN4298 001 Treasure hunt!

Two weeks ago we went to the beautiful Muiden (about 20 minutes from Amsterdam) and as we walked we saw a shop that looked very inviting. we entered and I felt like entering a brocant’s paradise icon wink Treasure hunt!
All things are carefully picked by the very charming owner and styled in a beautiful way. Beside all wonderful thing in the shop, we’ve been indulged with coffee, cookies and big welcoming smiles. The hardest part was to choose what to take with us…:-)
So, go visit and leave something for me…;-)

And how could I leave without this penguin? …:-)

DSCN4289 1 Treasure hunt!

DSCN4279 Treasure hunt!


  1. Wow, that penguin is a true treasure, I love it! You are lucky! This kind of shops are very lovely. Thanks for sharing!

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