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1st of May and some updates..

My dears, I thought it is an appropriate date on the 1st of May to pop-up and say hello.

It is a very busy time in my life at this moment and sometimes I feel that all is going to fast.

I’m creating (or more honest to say- trying to create). I participated in a workshop inspired by my own work (was great!!!), got myself completely addicted to Pinterest and I had a shitty shitty shitty bicycle accident while riding with my daughter on the back of my bike…:-(

That, I must admit shuck me down and took me away for quite some time. We are OK- the BIGGEST LUCK of all is that nothing happened to my daughter Romi. I got pretty badly bruised, but further we are fine…

So, happy 1th of may to everyone. I cant say that I feel like a worker (although sometimes more like a slave..;-) But as an artist, creative women and a mother many times worker is the most accurate description …

Soviet postcards are from Flickr


+ Off course, I forgot to write that the accident happened on very rainy evening, when one guy on a scooter tried to go around us. He was in a hurry. The path was a very narrow and his stirring hit my bike and so, we found ourselves thrown hard on the road…


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