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The best secret guide to Amsterdam De pijp

+ I’m regularly updating this guide. Adding new exciting places and address. If you want to be updated you can register to my mailing list on the right, thanks! After many requests to share tips about good places to visit in Amsterdam,….here it is: “The best secret guide to Amsterdam – De Pijp” or “Don’t forget to bring your umbrella!” When visiting other cities there is nothing I like doing more than following a local guide and discover the hidden treasures of a place. The kind of places that only locals knows about. All the places & shops mentioned in this guide are based on my personal recommendation only. I don’t have any benefits from sharing this information. I collected them because for me they make this place special. All photos are taken by me (unless mentioned otherwise). I also included Google maps for easy searching and localization. De Pijp/Museum Quarter is where I live for the last 10 years, the neighborhood that I love very much. You can find here museums, parks, shops, cafes, …

Amazing summer vacation in south of France

  Vacation main ingredients: 910 km between Amsterdam to Biron (south of France), drove 3010 km in almost three weeks 22 hours in the car in the first two days (went perfect thanks to the amazing pair of DVD players in the back sit…;-) 1 amazing swimming pool 1 Dream house Hundreds of hand-lit candles illuminated the forest in a magical light Breathtaking beauty replicated countless times Sun, sun, sun 🙂