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Win admiration in five simple steps

Win the admiration of your child classmate mothers in five simple steps:

1.  Make an appointment in the weekend with your child classmate. Better with more than one child (in ordered to maximize the admiration factor).

2.  Make sure that it’s going to be the cloudiest, stormy, rainy day of the week, and you are at stuck at home with a few six years old girls and a baby.

3.  After pulling hairs, sit and read all mails you never look at on regular days.

4. Find the  golden newsletter, you normally don’t look at: cooking workshop for children with super title: “Yakki vegetables: carrot” (Getverderrie Groente: de Wortel)  taking place in a children book shop (!) in your neighborhood.

5. After all been finished, sit at home and enjoy the admiration of the (lovely) mothers…;-)

and this three little mouses Romi made for dinner …:-)


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