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1st of May and some updates..

, 1st of May and some updates..

, 1st of May and some updates..

, 1st of May and some updates..

, 1st of May and some updates..

, 1st of May and some updates..

, 1st of May and some updates..

, 1st of May and some updates..

, 1st of May and some updates..

, 1st of May and some updates..

My dears, I thought it is an appropriate date on the 1st of May to pop-up and say hello.

It is a very busy time in my life at this moment and sometimes I feel that all is going to fast.

I’m creating (or more honest to say- trying to create). I participated in a workshop inspired by my own work (was great!!!), got myself completely addicted to Pinterest and I had a shitty shitty shitty bicycle accident while riding with my daughter on the back of my bike…:-(

That, I must admit shuck me down and took me away for quite some time. We are OK- the BIGGEST LUCK of all is that nothing happened to my daughter Romi. I got pretty badly bruised, but further we are fine…

So, happy 1th of may to everyone. I cant say that I feel like a worker (although sometimes more like a slave..;-) But as an artist, creative women and a mother many times worker is the most accurate description …

Soviet postcards are from Flickr


+ Off course, I forgot to write that the accident happened on very rainy evening, when one guy on a scooter tried to go around us. He was in a hurry. The path was a very narrow and his stirring hit my bike and so, we found ourselves thrown hard on the road…


  1. oh dear hagar, i am so sorry for that accident, poor girls!! hope it doesn’t hurt any longer! hopefully you’re going to show us something about all these projects!??? please do! i want to ivite you for the next drawing challenge, please come on over and sign in for UNDERWATER LIFE / LOVE.

    big hug to you wonderful, creative-slave-artist-woman;) julia

  2. Dear Julia, Thank you so much!

    I will put some pictures soon as I think its ready (its such a SLOW work…)
    Thank you the the invitation! great topic…:-)

  3. we are workers, workers in a field.
    remember the song by china crisis?

    yes, today we celebrate work, and liberation.
    i’ll second that, great series of images. thxs.

    so sorry you got shook up a little.
    happy to read you.
    take courage.

  4. Dear Woolf,

    Great song! Thank you! we are recovering..Actually its mainly me, my daughter seems to get over it very very fast…xx

  5. Oh, I’m so happy to read that you and your daughter are ok after this bike accident !!! Take care.
    I love the drawings you chose for this post, beautiful. Thank you.

  6. Dear Madeleine,

    Thank you! We are good- it was hard but few days after I was back cycling..
    Happy that you liked the photos-
    I have a soft spot to this soviet postcards…:-)

  7. take care
    get well soon
    and in the mean time
    create and feel like a happy worker

    and a soft healing hug

  8. Dear Patrice,

    Thank you dear! big jug to you tooo….xx
    and yes? I’m a working on my happy-worker side…:-)

  9. hagari.
    oi v’aavoi…
    arnika will help the bruzes,
    deep breath and good prayer for the shock.
    we are working our way out from slavery to creation.
    that is what we are here for.
    big hug

  10. Dear Michali,

    Welcome my dear- and many thanks!
    At this moment I’m a happy creative slave…;-)

  11. Dear Hagar,
    sometimes its hard to be remembered that life isn’t taken for granted…
    Oh my, I’m very glad you are ‘fine’, dear fellow worker, dear companion!

    Warm hugs,
    x Ariane.

  12. renilde says

    dear Hagar, oh my i’m glad you are both ok, hope you can find joy in all the work that you’re doing (and you take some time to really relax too), i found joy in your images x

  13. Hello Hagar, I’m glad everything is allright! But i saw on pinterest everything was ok 😉
    For me I had i try a new one..
    Working on too many fields ? Hmm..a bit of recognition overhere 🙂
    choices,choises 😉

  14. i wish, i wish, i wish, i could be there.
    looks absolutely exciting and new to me. i love to embroider, always have.

    good for you!


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