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Visit at the “Affordable Art Fair” and a bit more…

I had the most fantastic weekend for the second time within a week I went to Brussels! Only this time to see the AAF, and most important of all I went alone 🙂 Where should I start? the AAF (affordable art fair) was interesting. Almost 100 contemporary art galleries from all over the world.

Some of the works were outstanding (mainly photography), few surprising works (mainly sculptures and object) and quite a few of beautiful painting. Overall huge amount of art to see and to absorb (unfortunately the gallery’s owners were not so willing of letting take pictures, so that what I got).

But, for me, being alone for even a short weekend, was the main experience. It was long time ago since I took time for myself, as a mother of 6 years old girl and 8 months old baby boy, it is not so easy to do so.

I adore and love my family with all my heart, but I needed badly a to take time for myself to recharge my energy, to think, to sleep ..:-). It was wonderful to miss and to be missed. Thank you my amazing family, and most of all my beloved partner…


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