Month: January 2011

Art I like:Tatyana Yanishevsky

  Tatyana Yanishevsky is an artist using yarn as a medium for her work. She is knitting beautiful magical forms. Photos were taken by karen philippi. “This ongoing body of work features anatomically correct flowers and plants. Each piece is hand knit with different fibers and stitches to capture the unique textures and forms within the plant kingdom. The process of knitting, stitch by stitch, mimics the growth of a plant, cell by cell.” Great

C is for collection

I’m a collector. It took me some time to see it and even longer to admit it, but I am. The reason for not admitting could be that I’m not a traditional collector that collects by specific subject, but still I am. As I look around my house I see that over the years I can definitely call it “nostalgic purchasing”. In short I’m crazy about vintage books, toys, paper goods, tin cans and a lot of small undefined things. I have old  books in languages I don’t speak just because…the smell of them and the old appearance,…. I think by now you get the picture.  The other side that I discovered is that I love putting them together, creating a composition and take a picture. So here is my first take from my collections.

Art I like:Lina Peterson

  I was so exited to find this amazing artist. The collaboration between Lina Peterson and the University of  Nottingham Museum leeds to a wonderful project: ‘Imagined Objects of Desire’. Exploring the stories behind objects held in the museum collection in relation to the making of contemporary craft today. I love the dialog between the museum’s objects (from 6th cent. and before) and the contemporary approach and use of material in Lina Peterson design. (Via: