Month: May 2011

Today is the “Towel day”

As a huge fan of Douglas Adams I’m dedicating this post to him. Today is the “Towel Day”, celebrated every 25th of May as a tribute by fans to the amazing late author. He is a true inspiration to me, and his books are loyal friends that accompany me in sad times and happy times. His books open a door to his genius sense of humor, crazy ideas and the wonderful view on the world. Every reading reveals new details and brings smiles. This weird and crazy world of imagination is one of the ultimate sources of inspiration. How can I end a post about Adams without quoting one of his many best advices for life: DON’T PANIC! and: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish! all beautiful fished are from Flora Douville

Challenge: hand

The “hand challenge” was an initiative of  the wonderful Nadine. Originally it was a drawing challenge, but the challenge was to much for me at this moment (drawing hand is my second most challenging object to draw, just after drawing a portrait…). So here is my hand, or to be exact my daughter’s hand. Her sweet hand, showing this little finding from the park is the hand I would like to draw.