Month: July 2011

Where I spent my time lately…

I’m having a market-fever lately. It started with the Noordermarkt (the top 5 pictures) in the beautiful Jordaan. Continued with visiting for the first time in the hand made and craft market. Sunday Market Westergasfabriek, which is a true treat for any craft hand made lovers. This is where I got the tin bus station, the vintage noisemaker and the beautiful felt chair. Another visit was to the Puremarkt in Ouderkerk a/d Amstel (the red bus picture). So you see I keep myself busy….;-) Have a happy sweet weekend!

U old bag

Packing will never look the same with suitcases and bags by Lisa Tilley. The retro in appearance from this talented¬† textile designer are made from old magazines, illustrations, photographs vintage suitcases, bags and luggage and reclaimed materials are utilized into ‘new’ products. Another item to add to the long “wish list”…

Drawing challenge: city

My city inspires me to create, to work and to love. Cites in general are my favorite places to be and to live. I took this picture a few months ago, next to where we live. I pass it a few times a day. The canals, the constant flow of water gives energy, sense of change and flow. Thread on paper. This week challenge was hosted by rachel. The white city was made by Romi (by now the third generation for proud city girls…:-)

End, start and a love song- Happy weekend!

Today is last day of school. It was emotional for me to look at my daughter. Last day of first grade…so big…. One of my daughter’s class mates is in love. She is in love with a cute boy for the last two years. He is moving somewhere far. She walked in this morning- her face covered with tears, and so much pain was there, so much love… Little girl with a broken heart. Love love love…. And off-course love song to you dear girl….Happy weekend!

Clouds, words machine and Joni Mitchell

  Inspired by this week drawing challenge I couldn’t resist the kvadrat clouds, and Joni Mitchells.Well, I can never resist Joni Mitchell. Every reason to bring her here for a visit is a good reason for me, especially when she is singing “I really don’t know clouds at all.” My heart is melting in every time… To get over the tears from our friend Joni, try to play with these fun words cloud machine… Happy weekend!