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A guerrilla gardening

The pot hole gardener is a project run by Londoner Steve Wheen, who brings greenery and miniature scenes to the streets of east London.

Following other Guerrilla Gardeners, Wheen says: ‘my neighborhood has a distinct lack
of green space and I’m a gardener with no garden.’ Some matches are just meant to be.


My dears, with this spring- post, I’m taking a break from my blog.

There are exciting projects that I’m working on and ( to my big surprise…) I can’t do it all.

See you all soon!.



  1. what a happy post!
    you will be missed
    enjoy your break
    work hard
    and tell us when you are ready
    I am curious!!


  2. i’m gonna miss you badly, wish you all the best for your project, can’t wait to see the result. sadly i live in a VERY small village, everyone has a big garden,… would like to start some guerilla gardening after this great post!
    love&hugs, julia

  3. Yes big gardens here too … no need for guerilla gardening! Please take your time for your projects … I will miss your posts …

  4. renilde says

    O this is a great idea, that way of gardening i mean.
    Have a nice break, enjoy your projects, ’till later x

  5. dear friend,

    I know that you are having a blog-break
    but I am the host for this week’s challenge
    and announce a theme tomorrow
    so maybe, if you find some time, you will join….

    Patrice A.

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