1. Yes, you are right, he has one with a market day, I do not remember the title, but it is very like this

  2. dear hagar, there are more brueghel’s over at patrice!!
    i’m so happy to tell you that YOU are the winner of my giveaway print, please make a choice (take your time)!!! and please email me your address.
    big hug, julia

  3. dear Hagar,
    Amsterdam really looks like an old painting
    everything covered in white
    I can see that you all enjoyed it!

  4. beautiful! that ice blue sky….stunning.

    i guess i didn’t pay attention and never filled in the website line, sorry 🙁
    now it will work i suppose, xx

  5. Dear Hagar, Waht a beautiful scenery 🙂
    And your little one ..I think his name is Liam…is so big now :-0

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