1. Dear Hagar,
    Happy belated Birthday to sweet Liam and to you 🙂 three years… a special age. It’s great that you can enjoy it!


  2. Dear Hagar,
    a bit late, but congrats on the little one 🙂

    So cool to read that your kid is named Liam too, just like the (3,5 year old) son of Zira.. who wrote the ‘Uit Egypte’ book. Great minds think alike! 😉
    x Anne

  3. ‘so much joy’ , yes, children are wonderful,
    congratulations , have a lovely summer together dear Hagar, x

  4. hagar!
    i’ve just read the interview and also perceive you are befriended to pj bijkerk. you must miss her dearly, i’ve just her paris traveling guide, and quite enjoy pj’s sense.
    as for the interview, thanks for showing us an insight. you live at the very, very heart of the city! so lucky you, i’m positively jealous… ;)))
    happy belated birthday to your boy.

  5. Dear Nadine,
    Thank you so much for reading the interview, for warm comments on the book and for congratulating little (I’m big! he said..;-) Liam….Yes I do miss Pia here…ans we live in heart of the city…Although there is a bid sigh, in every visits outside the city…;-)
    Love, Hagar

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