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Challenge: hand

The “hand challenge” was an initiative of  the wonderful Nadine. Originally it was a drawing challenge, but the challenge was to much for me at this moment (drawing hand is my second most challenging object to draw, just after drawing a portrait…). So here is my hand, or to be exact my daughter’s hand. Her sweet hand, showing this little finding from the park is the hand I would like to draw.


  1. great image Hagar!

    And about the drawing challenge
    it is all about having fun
    and seeing the things differently
    at least
    that’s it for me

  2. Woolf & Patrice A.-Thanks! you are both right.. for next challenge: give it more time and not forgetting the joy factor…:-)
    I enjoy the challenge- its important to stop for time to time and challenge our creativity…

  3. Love those little hands..they are still finding nice to see .
    And…your daughter loves color 🙂

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