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Constance the Vintage Caravan – a pre summer vacation post

Meet Constance the vintage most stylish caravan. This 50’s curvy green beauty is decorated from floor to curtains in retro style. The green color on the outside, together with the red flower plants and the flowery curtains take you back in time. She is not available for rent, but we can all  dream, can’t we?

And while writing the last sentence I realize that I’m not very crazy about caravan trips or camping in general. (a bit doubting if I should say it having this post 🙂 I did my share when I was a child and, ye, that is it for me..:-) Although never say never – there are two kids here with a mind of their one…;)  Anyway..I couldn’t resist this retro beauty.

(via: Nude magazine)


  1. Wow, amazing beauty!
    take me toooooo!! (although, i think, i’m also not crazy about caravan trips…)

  2. Well,she is a beauty and i think it would be nice to go with a caravan this time 😉
    Our dog can come with us then .

  3. Hagar says

    I think, for us, my dearest, its more about to appreciate the beauty than the actual ride…:-)

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