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Drawing challenge: Balance

I’m trying to find balance in my Everyday life. Tying to juggle with it all.
Balance is elusive, changing according to circumstances.
I know that I need to look for it from the start in every time. I need to remind myself not to get lost in the search. Keep perspective and a smile.

Host by Ariane.


  1. you know how to do it, girl!
    more than that, you know how to do it, the orange way…. ;)))

  2. this makes me smile.
    i totally agree with you that balance is elusive.
    your perspective, a key to happiness and contentment.

  3. Ariane says

    Hej, dear Hagar,
    your collage make me smile too.
    It seems to be very easy to find balance, with smile on the face!

    x Ariane.

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