1. hagar, i’m deeply impressed, how did you see that? great work, adorable fantasy, big hug, julia (print is coming soon, sorry…)

  2. Hagar!

    I expected thread on paper
    but would never thought of
    the butterfly stroke
    so, so great!!
    I keep looking at that first one
    I wish I had your imagination and skill


    next week I will be the host
    please stop by on Monday!

  3. Wow..you are so amazing..I love this powerful imagery you create! It is so beautiful and symbolic and stimulating to gaze at!

    It also makes me think of the meridians/chakra/energy of the body..lines of light…..how powerful!
    magnificent art!!

  4. Thank you so much for your very very (!) warm kind words

    My skills?mmm I think they are OK – always a room for improvement…;-)

  5. What a fun image you have created out of the challenge. I would never have thought of doing that, shows what a inventive imagination you have. Well done.

  6. I just love, love how your imagination works.
    These are such strong, appealing images, excellent work!
    You are a great artist. x

  7. sensational, hagar.
    i love the humour in your embroidery, which seems to come so naturally.
    talent, baby!!

  8. great! butterfly man – what a cool idea and wonderful realisation! your work is so inspiring for me!

  9. He’s so butterflying through the water! This piece makes me both laugh and wonder, such a great idea!

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