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Drawing challenge: city

My city inspires me to create, to work and to love. Cites in general are my favorite places to be and to live. I took this picture a few months ago, next to where we live. I pass it a few times a day. The canals, the constant flow of water gives energy, sense of change and flow.

Thread on paper. This week challenge was hosted by rachel.

The white city was made by Romi (by now the third generation for proud city girls…:-)


  1. i see. generations of city lovers… powerful ladies…! 😉 the frilly bits in front do remind me of the city’s constant hum.

    and your diamant! (can i call it that?)
    i just keep on staring at it.

  2. i always love your stitching, the grey diamond is beautiful and i am a little bit jealous because of your everyday canal view:) your daughters work is great too! oh and i feel so very sorry for the little girl in love… ???, julia

  3. Yes, dear Hagar,
    Amsterdam is a brillant – as your both work too!

    Wonderful creativ spirit…

    Ariane from Hamburg at the Eisenbach

  4. Amsterdam is like no other city on earth.
    Your stitching really added a third dimension to this photo, so cool!
    And your daughter’s city is very well constructed. I love the happy looking neighbor coming out the front door.
    Both of your creations give me ideas…
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. renilde says

    water in the city, precious as diamond, very beautiful!
    Romi’s piknikhuis is so cute! x

  6. Dear Hagar,mooi gemaakt 🙂 The stitches are great now,did you find a way that satisfy you?

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