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Drawing challenge: connection

From all endless connections I’m surrounded with, the one that seems more relevant to this challenge is my “sisterhood” connections. The one’s I  treasure so dearly; my girl friends, my blogger friends…:-)
This week challenge was hosted by the lovely and super host Ariane.


  1. dear hagar,

    I love the way
    you handle the challenges
    like this one
    and yes
    you are right
    the connection in our hearts
    are the strongest

    Patrice A.

  2. wonderful thread work as always… They stand but by adding the connecting threads they look like they are dancing. I like that : )

  3. Dear Hagar,
    thats me, the second from right 🙂
    Wonderful connection… Love your thread art, sis!
    And, of course, we are dancing…

    Thank you for joining.

  4. Your work and imagery is always beautiful..powerful..imaginative..visually potent…I love your creative expression and art..fabulous!!

  5. renilde says

    I never get bored with your work, again a strong one and a sweet one too.
    A very pretty old photo( great choice of photo) becomes very exciting and new under your hands.
    Here also the past connects with the present,the movement and colour of the threads, i love it, xx

  6. Your sisters above have said it all, and I’m so pleased to be connected with you, dear Hagar!

  7. No words necessary for your work to tell what it’s all about! Connection – such an amazingly simple but strong interpretation! Love it. Again.

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