1. renilde says

    Haha, oh Hagar, the lady in the blue apron, not sure if i would want her in my garden, she looks a bit hard-handed and too enthusiastic to me:)
    but i love the little worlds you create xx

  2. I need this tiny lady with the blue apron defenitly tommorrow! We give her a chainsaw and of she goes … helping me with pruning and cutting down trees!

    And what is this other lady doing? Dusting the flowers … I like that.

  3. that woman with the rugs dust beater? urghhh… bad childhood memories, but okay, i can laugh with it now. mad though… ;)))

    but the one caressing the white blue bell… makes up for it all…
    lovely story. spring in your garden is huge!

  4. I have a bg smile on my face right now… Yes! Gardening is a hard job… both for little and bigger people : )

    Just wonderful!

  5. I am organizing my studio and basement in the house and would need the energy of that lady in a blue arpon:) There is a exciting athmosphere in your garden, love it!

  6. you make me so happy with these
    great, no, grand way to work this theme
    they would make beautiful postcards
    that carrying lady, dusting the white muscari
    love her

  7. this post is so great!!! I love each picture – the white lady who cleans the muscari is so beautiful and the blue one… ha,ha!
    wonderful work, dear hagar!

  8. Dear Hagar,
    I like most the tiny woman who’s dusting the white muscari! Great (hahah)!

    Overlooking my potting flowers…

    x Ariane.

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