1. Dear Hagar,
    wonderful! Your red-hot thread reminds me on production of steel.
    Great work.

    Have a nice weekend,
    x Ariane.

  2. A great contrast with your bold red thread! With the lines and color, I feel the movement! Always a pleasure to see your art.


  3. normal daily chaos says

    Hi Hagar,love your idear of the treads! really something different!
    and handmade by humanfingers:-)


  4. I knew something exiting will appear here on this theme. I love your threads. I love the fact they are red. Industrial is strong (sometimes dangerous)

    Your work is simply great!

  5. Beautiful piece again, Hagar, I’m an absolute Fan of your artwork! Can’t stop staring at it, the contrast of photo and textile yarn is just great!

  6. Thank you my dear one for your warm, wonderful words! Sure makes the start of the new week sweeter and full of excitement to the new challenge…:-)

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