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drawing challenge: teatime


Although I drink my coffee or tea in a simple cup, I love beautiful, vintage tea cups. My collection is a mix of different sizes and colors. My last find is a children tea-set from Belgium, made is a factory that closed down many years ago.

Writing this, I realized that I do use my cups, not for drinking but as tea-candle holders…;-)

This week challenge is hosted by the lovely Ariane.


  1. what a great teacups you have!

    I like the last picture the best
    that sweet little Luna-girl
    and that fine children-tea set
    I think I still have a sort of the same set
    from when the kids were younger
    and played with the kitchen
    my father made for them

    happy weekend!

  2. Dear Hagar,
    you have wonderful pretty vintage cups!

    Early in the morning I need coffee, Latte Macciato, but at teatime I prefer some tea… in a vintage cup.

    Have you draw this sweet ‘Addams family’ girl?

    I’m glad you’ve joined the drawing challenge… thank you!

    x Ariane

  3. just find your ‘Lunar outpost’, dear Hagar…
    now I see… its a ‘Lunar girl’ from you!
    I like her very much!
    x Ariane.

  4. a yellow submarine for tea? yes, please!
    on the lunar girl front, apparantly, i’m gong to have to read up upon.
    will do.
    à ta santé!

  5. Rachel says

    I adore you teacup collection!! From the polka dots to the classic Victorian roses. I try not to collect too many things since our house is so small, but I have a weakness for teacups. I find they also make a sweet gift.
    Your girl delicately balancing on the rim of the cup is perfectly adorable.

  6. renilde says

    sweet, beautiful, stirring the imagination, all this shapes and color, flowers and polka dots, i’m sitting here with a BIG 🙂 on my face, great Hagar dear, xx

  7. your collection of teacups is so colourful and beautiful i`m complitely stunned!
    great photos… adorable drawned girl sitting there by the edge of the cup….

    have a lovely week coming : )

  8. Your tea cup collection are amazing, love them all!
    The girl sitting at the end of the cup it’s so cute and sweet, simply adorable!

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