1. dear Hagar, you did it again!
    I love the pink faces
    the black and white
    and that the thread
    makes an umbrella-shape too
    very nice!!


  2. Hi Hagar…wow..this is gorgeous and powerfully poetic…I love the magic and energy of this piece! beautiful ..it is visually stunning and symbolically wonderful!
    Shine on!!

  3. such an amazing way to demonstrate “all for one and one for all” under umbrella theme! you have your way Hagar and it’s just so cool! : )

  4. Ha! This is fantastic! It’s so interesting and captivating. It’s almost science fiction. There’s a great contrast of past and future…that’s how it caught me anyway. I love it!

  5. hagar, you sure make me smile on this one.
    the cinmatography of the picture stays right put, and the quirk simply adds.
    poor girls though…. ha ha ha….

  6. Dear Hagar, I had to smile too and my attention was also caught by the red tread umbrella shape.
    Surprising and original vision on umbrella.
    Like mathematics becoming poetry, wonderful!
    Thanks for participating xx

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