1. Hagar, First of all, I am sorry that the flu has found it’s way into your home! I hope this rhubarb cake does the trick! And what a cheeky little cake it is!
    Your cups are beautiful! I love the colors.
    Be well!!

  2. that cake looks delicious!
    and his happy face!!
    and yes
    that’s it
    around a table enjoying the company of our loved ones and friends
    just the best start of the day

    hope you all will feel better soon!
    I hope
    really hope
    to work on that Roodborstje this week…..


  3. renilde says

    MMMMMMyummie looks so good ,love your flowercups! hope you all get well soon, take care, xx

  4. hooray for the rhubarb side of life, although i shall give this one a miss. trifle sour to my likings… ooh.

  5. Hi hagar. I love rhubarb! I wish I could have a piece of that cake with the coffee I am sipping on now.

    I hope the flu passes quickly!

  6. Dear Hagar,
    oh, if flu has catched the family, its better to slow down, make a delicious rhubarb cake as yours (yours bring laughter to the sniffing noses)… I know what that mean…

    I’ve fallen in love with the last cup…


  7. Hi Hagar, nice to meet you, that pie looks so yummy and fun, that face make my day, and those colorful cups are beautiful!
    Have a nice day!

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