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End, start and a love song- Happy weekend!

Today is last day of school. It was emotional for me to look at my daughter. Last day of first grade…so big….

One of my daughter’s class mates is in love. She is in love with a cute boy for the last two years. He is moving somewhere far. She walked in this morning- her face covered with tears, and so much pain was there, so much love… Little girl with a broken heart. Love love love….

And off-course love song to you dear girl….Happy weekend!


  1. Paulien says

    I know how it feels when it’s your kids last day at first grade. After summer second grade is waiting and they will only grow taller ans smarter. There’s no way back. But its wonderful to see them grow up and become beautiful people, isn’t it?

  2. ach….
    to beautiful
    and heartbreaking

    kids grow up so fast
    to fast for us parents

    I was in Amsterdam last Thursday
    but no time, no time….

    happy weekend!

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