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Few good things: “the jealous curator” and “atelier Oosterbosch”

A few good things for this week: I’m mentioned in the amazing “the jealous Curator”  blog. Thank you dear Danielle!

My work is at this moment exhibited in the atelier Oosterbosch in Amsterdam till the 16th of December. After that, from 16 till 18 December it’s gonna be a group exhibition,in which I’m also taking part. The Atelier is a beautiful space in the Jordaan (center) of Amsterdam and I’m completely in love with the hanging plants…:-)


  1. Congratulations, dear Hagar,again:) Your work is hanging very beautiful on the wall.Have a good time and don’t fall in the black whole afterwards 😉

  2. fabulous illustrations! i wish i could see this exhibit! i love the hanging plants as well. so fresh!
    and congratulations on your online shop. you inspire me. 🙂

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