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Good things come in pairs

Good things come in pairs… here are some of my favorite pairs (I think part two will come soon..)

From the top: salt and pepper, amazing plush pair by Cat Rabbit, adorable sisters in a sailor outfits, my luna’s twins, Romi (on the left)with her friend, summer vaction 2009


  1. Paulien says

    Thank you for your kind comment on my new blog design, I needed something less gloomy and more summerstyle. And as you can see, our hapiness (my two boys staring at the cows) comes in a pairs too! Have a nice monday.

  2. Oh, i had such a laugh when i saw those two plush with glasses!! 😉
    They are humorous and strange.
    And yours are beautiful…i saw some more on your website..they are great!

    Nice post!

  3. Jessica- Thanks…:-)

    Paulien – Off course you welcome, indeed the new design is much better.
    You have a beautiful pair!…:-)

    Ingrid- Thank you!.I also find this plush funny and wired…

    Simone- Thanks ans thanks…;-)

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