1. Hagar!

    Today the fine little book ‘Amsterdam made by hand’ came and YOU ARE IN IT! I am a bit jealous and also proud.
    So, I was thinking, when I finished your ‘Roodborstje’ (do not know when that will be….) I would love to visit you and your wonderful atelier.


  2. Dear Patrice,

    Thank you…:-)
    It’s very nice book which I’m really happy to take part in.

    I think it’s a great idea, only my atelier is shared with a new partner (actually new boss), My Liam…:-)

  3. ha ha ha…. silly, now…. and i am so taken by the open space for the index finger….!!!!
    ps- you in ‘amsterdam made by hand’, by pia? good to know.

  4. Dear Woolf,
    The hole on the finger is brilliant isn’t it?

    And yes, I’m in Pia’s book, Do you have it…?

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