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Happy Weekend

, Happy Weekend

After a to-much-busy week, all I wish for is a relax and easy weekend. I took  this picture two days ago, when I manage to take a break- my 6 years old daughter running and jumping rope, happy outside in Hemmeland, a beautiful nauture park outside of Amsterdam.This is one of my favorite places to enjoy fresh air, green and beauty, reminding me that I have to do it more often. Happy weekend!


  1. Your daughter is a happy one ; -)
    In Amsterdam there is always noise around you but then when you go to a parc you can fully experience the quietness of it,i think.
    I wish you a complete relax week-end

  2. Ahhhh, look sobeautiful…:-)
    Love you, and love the spring that you inspire in me…

  3. Dear Ingrid,

    Thank you! until now all is perfect…and indeed, be surrounded is with green give a sense of balance and put all in good prespective

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