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Invitation: “Hemmed In”- MK gallery

I’m very happy and proud to be a part of the “Hemmed In” exhibition taking place in MK gallery,UK.

Some of my favorite artist taking part in it too: Tilleke Schwarz, Diem Chau, Cate Hursthouse, Jessica Wohl and more wonderful artists!

Opening at the 7 December 2012 till 6 January 2013.

And a special thanks to Jamie Chalmers  a.k.a Mr X Stitch!


  1. it’s great, dear hagar! congratulations!!
    your new shop is wonderful, I love the houses so much!
    good luck with the exhibition!
    🙂 mano

  2. prickly challenge, as someone suggested, over at mine!
    in the meantime, well done with your exhibition; you are on a roll, my friend!!
    ayayay ooy

  3. wonderful hagar,
    for sure all these great artist are happy about your
    participation too!!!
    how i would love to come and see it all.
    love, julia

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