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It’s all about Beginner’s luck & a giveaway


Wikipedia: Beginner’s luck :” refers to the supposed phenomenon of novices experiencing disproportionate frequency of success or succeeding against an expert in a given activity.”

Tell me, what are the odds to win two times within a few days, “give away” from two my favorite artists? Well, the answer is simple: my beginner’s luck…:-)

I participated only three times ever for “give away”, first at kickcan and conkers (no luck ;-)), then Jess Quinn and third and last at Eye-snacks…;-)

Well, let me share these beautiful gifts I got.

The first to arrive was from the super talented Jane Quinn. Thank you Jane for your beautiful gift :- )

The second one was from the most gifted Ingrid a.k.a. eye-snacks.blogspot. Thank you Ingrid for your beautiful gift (and for your letter…:-)


These are from Ingrid:


Last, little cube-of-sugar-song from defiantly one of my “all times” favorites. Have a happy weekend:


  1. Hi Hagar, wow it was your lucky day !! I had to laugh again 😉
    You’re welcome and i’m glad you like it!

    Love the work of Jane Quin also..what a treat you’ve had that day.

    And thanks Hagar for posting about’s a bit weird so see everything that big on the screen, it makes me blush.

    xx Ingrid

  2. Woolf…thank you…:-)

    Patrice….ah aha…next time…;-)

    Ingrid…Well- thank you! And you’re welcome…:-) off course big! as big as possible

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