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Marie Prevost and I: the drawing challenge

Marie is standing and looking around. She is standing above and a side. Curious, she can see every detail. I love her posture. Leaning forward so tuned.

Front and back, black thread on paper.

This drawing challenge this week was hosted by Julia


  1. Dear Patrice…Thank you!!! off course I made it… and indeed the back side is great..:-)

    Dear Barbara…thank you!…

  2. On one side it looks like she is looking down on the city, from the back side it looks like she is tying her balerina laces… 🙂

  3. Ariane says

    wow, dear Hagar,
    its just fantastic. Great idea, great performance!

    One question: why Marie Prevost, The Good Bad Girl actress?


  4. renilde says

    This is great and fun, Marie prevost looking at all those box gardens made me laugh and well the back , all the ‘ loose ends’ resembling the text , wonderful! great imagination.

  5. Dear Tali…thank you…Its true, she looks more “ballerina like from the other side…:-)

    Dear Ariane….Thank you!!! Why did I choose her? Besides being interesting (better of worth) is about this specific photo that inspired me from the first moment.
    Her posture, the outfit, b&w old photo, her expression (although I never use her face…)

    Dear Renilde…thank you so much! I have a lot of joy making her…

  6. marie! i love you already! imaginative body to a tee.
    wonderfully humourous too… just grand.

  7. Dear Hagar, this is really wonderful..great job! This is what attracted me also in your wall-hangings.The stitching and your humour in it!
    Love it! I hope you make more of these 🙂

  8. I just wanted to say how much I love this piece- the stitching is fantastic so animated and clever 🙂

  9. amazing work and words!

    love to use the sewing machine in my ART. but your thread work by hand…a wonderful inspiration!

    thank you so much for your comment!


  10. Thank you all for the warm and kind words about my work.
    It is Excexly what I need at this moment -warm words of encouragement-
    Thank you

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