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Monster- the new drawing challenge

When I first saw the challenge subject of this week, I thought that’s a good one…

Then I realized there are enough monsters in our world, but not enough fighters against them.

So, here is my super-monster-warrior.


black thread on paper.

This drawing challenge this week was hosted by the very talented  Julia


  1. good to know that super-monster-warriors around us.
    love your work!

    have a nice weekend!


  2. Dear Julia… thanks for your kind words and for the list…:-)

    Dear Patrice…Dank je wel…;-)

    Dear Tatjana…Thank you! I also think we more like her among us…:-)

  3. do i take it the suburban town would be the monster to be fought? ;)))
    i smile, for i’m reminded of the prince fourré cookie in your heroine. do you know prince fourré? if not, do google him, although a vintage wrapper ‘d be more appropriate…
    your heroin and prince fourré could hit it off and go saving us from the monsters togethwer…
    happy weekend, dear hagar!!!

  4. renilde says

    ha, at last, someone dared to fight the monster and even not in faraway, mysterious places but in the neighbourhood. original and beautiful, x

  5. Dear woolf…. good one, the cookie prince and the my warrior…but I choose the background for a reason: the biggest danger sometimes is hidden there, in the quit, normal appearance of suburban life.

    Dear Renilde….thank you! It’s important to fight them everywhere…;-)

  6. Great perspective on the monster theme and I agree- plus who doesn’t like a monster fighter in a cape 😉

  7. paulien says

    Nicely done Hagar! Wish I had a cape like that and those legs – then I can fight any monster ;).

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