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My knitted boyfriend

My knitted boyfriend” a film made by Noortje de keijzer as graduation project from the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

Full with humor and style…Make you think that sometimes in life this a knitted boyfriends is not a bad option…;-)

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  1. hi there hagar…
    i watched the video. quite funny. if only!!!!
    may i invite you to next weekend’s drawing challenge {28-29/07}. you may find the theme intriguing. love to count you in!… n?
    drawing challenge

  2. great work!!! thank you so much for sharing!
    we talked about you the last days in hamburg!
    did you “hear” patrice and me???
    we would like to see you for real, so one day…
    hugs, julia

  3. Hi Hagar, yeah great work…I already knew it..hihi..I work at the Design Academy so how could I miss it 🙂

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