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My new work







House_root-and-clouds_nb My new work series is finished. Well, the first stage any way…..For the last few months I’ve been working on new works.  I took a big step for my self and worked with bigger formats than I usually do, combined with paper collages (old love of mine). I enjoy every second of experimenting and trying new things. The collages are hand-made, cut from vintage books. Gives me a good excuse to nibble in second-hand book shops…:-)


  1. Hagar!
    these look wonderful
    i love the houses
    but keep looking at that first image
    just beautiful

    Patrice A.

    and thank you for your comment
    i am the host for the new challenge
    maybe you will join…..

  2. that first image, hagar, is my ABSOLUTE favourite.
    i think it’s really, really clever. nx

  3. congratulations, so beautiful!
    the plants, the houses, you make me look at them with new eyes , a very pleasant feeling, x

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