1. Great to have you back, rested and raring to go!

    I like your new work, looking forward to seeing whatelse you’ve been up to:)

  2. What a wonderful coin, dear Hagar…
    each side an avatar with referance to the other.

    Plentiful harvest of your break.


  3. paulien says

    Oh Hagar, so glad you’re back! Never met you, but really missed you a little bit, how weird is that? Love your new post.

  4. oi, you’re back with a BANG!

    good of you to announce your reappearance, because i could have forgotten you…

    neeeeeeeeeeeeever!!! ;)))

  5. Welcome back Hagar..and you used your spare time very good!
    Wonderful embroidery you did here,love it!!

    xx Ingrid

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