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New work and the jealous curator…

So happy to be mentioned (again) at the wonderful and amazingthe jealous curator – thank you dear Danielle!

My new work series: “lonley-houses” : threads on paper (canvas paper 220 gm archival fine art).


  1. Madeleine Petite says

    Wow, you can be proud. Proud being mentionned on this beautiful blog but also proud of your work that I love. Have a nice day:-)

  2. dear hagar,
    i am happy as can be!! and proud and not jealous at all!
    its impossible not to mention an love your wonderful art work!
    i’m in the house theme too! its about finding home and shelter
    love+hugs, julia

  3. love them
    especially the white one
    which looks like the one
    you sometimes see on a beach
    for the rescue-crew
    not jealous
    but proud


  4. I love this work!! all the houses are so beautiful – my fav is the beach house with the stairs – the stitching is great!
    now I want to see more and more and more of your work!
    🙂 mano

  5. renilde says

    These must be my favorites (’till now) i have a love for houses,huts, cabins, any form of housing, especially old ones, they seem to tell stories, they all have there own mood, they no longer are just wood and stone ,time and their inhabitants brought out their characters it seems,

    with your work here you added intrest to each one of them, they are earthed but reach for the sky, you choose ones that have a certain fragility about them and gave them strenght, great work, x

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