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New works…:-)

My dearest all,
In the past few weeks I was extremely busy with working on my new series of work. I showed this work and many other on the “Open ateliers” that took place in “De Pijp”  in the center of Amsterdam.

This is the second time that I’m taking part. For one weekend all the artist in our area opened their atelier. After a few hundred people and two very intense days, I can tell you it was a wonderful and inspiring experience.

All my works are hand made collages, printed and embroidered on canvas. The first work is bigger than the rest (100×80 cm).

More photos will come soon…:-)


  1. Dear Hagar,beautiful work (as always 🙂 I hope you had nice interested people on you Open Studio days. Shame that I had to work at The Academy ..but maybe next year…

    By the way I’m very in love with the lady sitting in the ‘stitches ‘..just adorable !!

    xx Ingrid

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  3. yael margalit says

    Dear Hagar wow your art is so beutyful and full of feeling, longing and wisdom. i love it !!!

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