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Raak Amsterdam 2012

Yesterday evening I went to a fashion show of “Raak Amsterdam” in the westergasfabriek in Amsterdam with (and thanks to) my dear friend Godelinde.

And what a great time we had! lovely space, beautiful people all around and more beautiful people around. Nice music, cloth, colors- a real treat for a girly night out.

Although it’s not my style, I enjoyed it very much. Sorry for very poor photos. I discovered that its very difficult to take a decent photo when the subject of the photo keeps moving…;-)

* You will have no problem to recognize the photos that I’ve taken, the good ones are from here and here.


  1. Hi Hagar, must have been a nice evening with those gorgeous clothes.
    Hmm,is maxi coming back (the second pictures)

  2. Hi Ingrid,
    It was super a evening!
    According to what I saw maxi is back (as pastel colors, and beach dresses…:-)

  3. No the clothes are not my style either but nevertheless … I wished I had been there. I allways wanted to go to a fashion show …

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