1. oh, dear Hagar,
    may I please invate you to the next weekend’s drawing challenge with the theme: Metamorphosis?
    Let me know, you’re in… maybe later?
    x Ariane.

  2. enjoy your summer break! today we booked or summerhouse for 2012 ,sight, only 12 more months until we can get there… xox, julia

  3. hej Hagar

    how are you?
    still on summerbreak?

    my weblog does not work
    for weeks now
    so today
    I started a new one

    happy weekend!

  4. Dear Hagar,
    how long is your summer?
    I hope you have had a wonderful summer … and I miss you and your art work.


  5. Hagar
    it is autumn!!!!

    may I invite you for BREAKFAST at my place?

    (the new theme for this weeks challenge
    please join!)


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